So you write code for a living — does it matter how you call yourself?
The (tongue-in-cheek) answer is both yes and no.

Let’s start with “yes”.

On naming things (and invalidating cache)

If you work with code, eventually you’ll stumble upon the old adagio by Phil Karlton (as per Uncle Bob’s quote):

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

This little pill of wisdom encapsulates beautifully how something apparently simple is actually a rather complicated job.

In particular, naming is a powerful tool because we can use it to define the scope of anything we put a label…

Why decision-making matters

Last year during a retrospective, one of the engineering teams I lead acknowledged that making decisions felt like a slow and often inconclusive process.

Going deeper, we found out that making relatively small decisions within the team had been the most taxing: many people were continuously involved in plenty of conversations, with little gain at a high cost.

This situation led to:

  • constant context switch at the expense of focus
  • “democratic” decision-making with little-to-no accountability
  • inability to take action on an increasingly bigger backlog of problems

Enter “Operating Principles”

In the attempt of changing this situation moving forward, I suggested adopting some operating…

First things first: goodbye, 2020!

It has been a long, intense, and unpredictable year for most of us: lockdowns, WFH, maybe even layoffs and/or illness. Whether you found some happiness and success in 2020, or simply managed to get by: well done!

With the start of 2021, I personally celebrate my first anniversary at my current company, where I wear the Engineering Manager (EM) hat. As the first year has now wrapped up, I want to take some time now to reflect upon how it all went.

Regardless of how wild 2020 has been, today I’ll try to extract a few lessons learned that hopefully…

Over the last few years, I had the chance to discuss with some friends about personal finance, and one of the interesting takeaways from these various chats was that everyone has a rather different perspective on saving and handling their own money. With all that’s going on nowadays in this global pandemic which is starting to take a huge toll on the world’s economy, I can imagine people of all backgrounds might have a few worries around the subject.

As we navigate through what is a rather difficult period, possibly stretching for a significant amount of time, I’ll try and…


As you might be going through a rapid change from office life to working from home (WFH), here’s some ideas on how to approach this uncertain period and the unplanned transition to remote work.

Why are we all WFH?

About a week ago, as the news around COVID-19 intensified, the company I work for sent an internal comm suggesting people to avoid unnecessary travel and work from home (WFH) if possible. A few days later, the recommendation became a proper arrangement, de facto forcing everyone (whose role allows for it) into this new working situation.

First things first: staying at home is a social responsibility

As I mentioned the word “forced” when talking about a…

The recent period has seen me taking a big life decision, which involved leaving my job in a startup where I’ve worked at for over six years (this calls for a dedicated blog post, which I’ll write once things have settled down for a bit). As a result, in order to make clarity on what to look for in my next gig, I found myself thinking about what I value in my work.

For context, I have worked for 10+ years in software development and engineering leadership, and my last role has been Engineering Manager in the aforementioned company. Given…

Here we go. Yet another blog on the web.

You might, rightfully, wonder: is that really necessary? What are you even going to talk about? Will you keep up with writing or are you going to stop after a post or two?

I have been trying to answer the questions above (and other, similar ones) for a while, and here are some of my reasons to have a blog and finally starting one after many years without one.

It’s a way to clarify my thinking

There are so many interconnected thoughts going through our brain every day. Taking the time…

Luca Canducci

Engineering lead. Amateur photographer and musician. Full-time beer lover. EM @ Uber (opinions are my own).

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